We are a group of dog lovers that just not willing to compromise when it comes to our dogs. Like you already know, a dog is like a child (sometimes better - just kidding) and because this is a creature that you love you want to give him the best. In our group, there is an architecture, carpenter, product designer and a very talented dog walker. 

Our mission - Change the look and feel of dog houses for the dog AND the owner

We started to think about beautiful dog houses and how hard it is to find something unique that can really send the message of style and in the same time can be the perfect fit for the dog space and needs. The idea was to start working on models and make some tests to see how other people think about the new designs - they were thrilled and push us to start producing them so they will be able to order. We then know that we just have to open an online shop to move this thing forward, and here we are (:

Not Just Wood

At our online shop, you will find not only wood designs for dog houses but also high-quality plastic and metal ones. We wanted to give the full spectrum of materials to help everyone that wants to fit the dog house to their environment.  

Give Back

5% of all of our income will go to American Dog Rescue Foundation.

We invite you to reach out and ask us anything that is not clear enough for you. you can just hit the contact us or give us a call in 646-687-6777 .